Sell more products as a brand.

Connect easily to the platform and expose all your products in your retailer’s store. Both online and offline.

Offer your products to our existing retail partners or integrate to your own retailers.

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Never out of Stock.

Make sure your retailers are never out of stock when customers desire your products. Expose your stock count together with the retailer’s local stock. When the retailer run out of products locally, the order will be fulfilled by you.

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Endless Aisles.

Offer retailers to expand product range risk free by offering your full catalouge through our platform. Expose products directly on the retailer’s webshop or in the physical store from an in-store screen.

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Make sure your retail partner always have the bestsellers in stock locally. Offer your retailers to calculate on the bestsellers and stock up automatically.

Click & Collect.

Improve customer loyalty and let the customer collect your online orders at your retail partners store.

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Our Tradehub - Click & Collect
Christian Bauers, CCO

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Never Out of Stock.

Never Out of Stock - How it works

Endless Aisle.

Endless Aisle - How it works

Click & Collect.

Click & Collect - How it works

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