Eliminate out of stock.
Increase product range and revenue.

Dropshipping infrastructure with one single integration to all your partners. For both Brands and Retailers.

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A dropshipping solution built for your current set up

We provide a dropshipping infrastructure that lets retailers and brands expand product ranges and eliminate out of stock situations – without any inventory risk. All that through a single integration point.

Magasin Drop Shipment - Our Trdehub

How Magasin established their own dropshipping program in just 12 weeks

8 new high level brands
Asics, Casall, Hummel, Nike, Nike Sportswear, Reebok, Reef, Under Armour

11.531 new SKUs
added to Magasin’s product range with no inventory risk or increase in working capital.

Avoid Out of Stock

Avoid out of stock

Secure sales even though you are out of stock. We’ll just ship the product from another inventory in our platform.

Sell more products
Sell more products
Increase sales and expand your market reach as a Brand by offering Retailers zero inventory risk.
Risk free inventory

A risk-free inventory

Keep the high sellers in stock and let us handle the long tail. Get full product range and zero inventory risk.
Increase conversion rate
Increase conversion rate
Don’t let customers down. Increase conversion rate and secure revenue by still offering out of stock products.
Jonas Midtgaard, CEO | Our Tradehub drop shipment platform

Wanna see how it works?

Do you want to see a demo of the product? We would love to show you our platform and what it can do for your business. Book a meeting directly in our calendar.

Never Out of Stock.

With Never Out of Stock shops will never run out. When the shop’s local inventory is empty the Brand will fulfill the order. And both parties will benefit from the revenue.

Never Out of Stock | Our Tradehub drop shipment platform

Endless Aisle. A risk-free inventory.

Endless Aisle.

All retailers should be able to expand their product range and carry the full assortment – with no inventory risk. That is possible with our Endless Aisle feature. Experiment with new products, categories and brands as a retailer. Close more sales – both as a retailer and as a brand. And split the revenue between you.

Endless Aisle | Our Tradehub drop shipment platform

Want to see a product demo of our drop shipment solution?

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